Week 8 – Venice and Rome – Dec 11, 2011 – In the 170s

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Venice, with canals and more tall, beautiful women

Venice, with canals and more tall, beautiful women

No pizza, no pasta, and no wine! This may not have been the wisest choice in places to visit nine weeks after WLS. There are 100 Italian restaurants to one of any other type; Italians don’t quite get the concept of diversity when it comes to eating. I think I am the only tourist in the history of Italy who visited and ate mostly soup!

Venice … just as gorgeous as you can imagine, but check out the blonde on the left who has legs that go on forever, and of course her thighs have probably never touched! (What does she eat???)

Our first night in Venice we went to a very charming, local, small, family-owned Italian (what else?) restaurant. Watching the people who worked there and the locals who came in was like watching a scene out of the movie The Godfather. Attention all casting agents: just have a cappuccino here and you will have all the characters you need for your next project! Another thing about restaurants here, if you don’t order vino with your meal, they look at you suspiciously. So when I ordered a pizza (scraping off the top again) and nothing to drink, and we didn’t eat the bread they brought, and I only ate one slice of this huge pizza, I’m sure they thought we were odd indeed. The proprietor asked (looking genuinely concerned) in his heavy Italian accent, “Wassamatta? You no-a like-a my pizza?” So another lie to just say I wasn’t feeling well.

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