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Week 24 of 52 – Kapoho, Hawaii – April 1, 2012 – 156 lbs

Snorkeling is ‘da best!’ in Kapoho!

Aloha from sunny Kapoho on the Big Island! This area is one of the true ‘hidden gems’ of Hawaii that only a fraction of tourists experience. The reason is that it’s not located in an area that has white sand beaches and it’s just south of Hilo which doesn’t have fancy resorts and is known for a lot of rainfall (but Kapoho is usually always sunny!). So the people who get to experience this incredible, natural

Beautiful Champagne Pond in Kapoho

wonderland and those who want to see a more native Hawaii and skip the ‘umbrella-in-the-maitai’ at a fancy resort are usually rewarded with sunny days and light tropical breezes. These are the people who will stay in vacation homes ranging from funky to fancy and walk out over lava fields or, just outside their door, swim and snorkel in warm, crystal clear lagoons.

Still short… if I could just grow a few inches….

Our ‘hanai’ (which means ‘adopted’ in Hawaiian) daughter is here visiting us from Switzerland, so we have been having fun with her the last few days. She’s 29, gorgeous, funny, incredibly smart and a true inspiration to us in so many ways. We went out and bought her a cute bikini the first day she was here and it was a good reminder to me to keep plugging away……she looks flawless in it, and even though I may never be ‘bikini-worthy’ I at least allowed myself to be photographed in a bathing suit! So that’s something at least!

I’m still working out in the gym every morning…trying to get to a 15 minute mile and closing in. Feeling stronger every day and I’m enjoying the workouts more. (Hint: this may be a no-brainer to most of you, but I just started taking water with me to drink while I’m on the treadmill and I can get an entire bottle in during my workout!) I need to start doing a yoga class because I’m just not very flexible and I think that is so important as we age. But I do have astounding news!!!!  I am now officially a SIZE 10!!!!!!!!! I truly never thought I would see the day that would happen. I still can’t believe it, especially since I am on the snail pace for weight loss:  note, down one more lb. this week.

I also took my measurements for the first time in 18 months. WOW. It just so happened that I had my measurements taken in November of 2010 when I started working with a personal trainer at 24 HR Fitness which cost me a bundle and did me NO good at all. Except that I kept the paper where he measured me. Again, this is one of those things….hmmmmm, should I be proud of how much I have lost, or embarrassed and horrified about how huge I had let myself get???? Tough one….but here are the highlights:

  • Lost 67 lbs
  • Lost 21% of my body fat
  • Lost 2.5 inches in my neck (who knew your neck could get so fat???)
  • Lost 6 inches in my chest (boobs are not looking so good; they look like tube socks…insert sad face here...)
  • Lost 7.75 inches in my waist
  • Lost 10 inches in my hips (No wonder I can get into a size 10 now!)
  • Found a much healthier, happier life style!

We’re eating lots of fresh papayas from Kapoho every day!

So all is well in paradise…..we are enjoying the local fish, papayas, mangoes, apple bananas and rambutans…all healthy and delicious. (Along with my daily coffee and cookie!) We have another week of hiking and swimming and touring around the Big Island so check back next Sunday for a tour of Waimea and Kona!


Happy April to everyone out there….and sending a special shout out to Dyezee who has had a rough start her first couple of weeks and to let her know: it does get better…..much, much better!

A hui hou!

Queen of Crop

2 Responses
  • Dawn
    April 3, 2012

    how wonderful for you another pound…I am in the same catagorie with lossing slowing since my total weight loss will only be around 50-60 pounds. I get excited with every pound I lose.
    We were in Hawaii last year and loved it..We were in Kauai. It was beautiful..If you want the original Hawaii as you have seen you have to go to the older parts of the islands to see the real thing.
    Enjoy your time and keep up the great work and the blog it is great hearing how you are doing.

    • queenofcrop
      April 6, 2012

      Mahalo for the comment and encouragement Dawn!

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