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Week 28 – Stanford, San Francisco, Marin – May 1, 2012

The first apt I lived in when I moved to San Francisco in 1985

You might notice right off the bat that I did not put my weight in the title as I usually do; that’s because I’m not weighing myself today! And it’s Tuesday, not Sunday that I’m writing my update….as I mentioned last week we flew to San Francisco this past weekend for a wedding and just got back into Hawaii a couple of hours ago.

We had a fantastic time while we were there! The weather was perfect; mostly in the 70’s, clear blue skies, I didn’t even need a coat (and it was a good thing, because I forgot to bring one!). But I have to say, packing is easier when you’re not fat. I can’t quite figure out why, but deciding what to wear is so much easier and for me at least, I don’t have to pack so much. I did do a little shopping in Union Square but for shoes, not clothes.

Heart Art in Union Square

I’m pretty happy with the clothes I have right now and don’t feel the need to buy lots of things. When I was heavy, I kept looking for something, ANYTHING, that might look good on me. I did have fun trying on some sexy high heel shoes, but in the end thought I would kill myself trying to walk in them, so I’ll leave that for another time! (But I love buying other sexy things again!!).

Both almost 60 and strapless! Who would have thought….since we both have battled weight all our lives.

The wedding was perfect! First, it was at the big Church on the Stanford Campus (which was modeled after St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice). The day was glorious and if you have never been to the campus at Stanford, it is one classy place. My husband got his MBA there in 1990 and it is still one of his favorite places in the world!

The bride and groom were beautiful, we had so much fun seeing old friends, and I sure didn’t mind the compliments! Here I am in my strapless dress along with the mother of the bride in HER strapless dress…..we have both battled our weight for so many years; who would have thought we would be wearing these dresses proudly at almost 60 years of age! She lost a lot of weight with Weight Watchers and a personal trainer getting ready for the wedding, so here we were on this special day, both feeling pretty damn good about ourselves! It was a true celebration of friends, family and good times.


That could have been me (on the right) last summer…..

We saw a wonderful exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park on Friday: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier….. fabulous! If it comes to a town near you, I highly recommend it. The wedding was Saturday, we saw old family friends on Sunday, and Monday drove up to Marin to have lunch with my old boss and his wife. We have always been social, and we try to do a good job keeping in touch with people; it’s one of the best parts of life; seeing people who have meant a lot to you in your past. And even though my weight never kept me from wanting to see people, entertain, be with friends, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t more fun now that I’m not so heavy. People who care about you are happy that you look better; that you look healthier, and they can see you’re happier. So the entire experience is just more satisfying. This photo was taken of my husband and me outside the restaurant where we had just had lunch….I couldn’t help but notice the heavy woman on the right when I downloaded the photo….that was me last year…..I wanted to say to her that there is a way!!! But of course, she will need to find her own solution, and I hope she does.


It’s never too late to learn!

Even with all the social events we attended, I’m still eating small portions, but over the past 5 days I have eaten a lot of high calorie foods, and unlike my very disciplined husband who runs 3 miles every day, I didn’t get any good exercise in at all. I went out for a walk several of the days, but as I’ve learned, my walks are more like saunters; not the least bit aerobic. I feel like I’ve gained a lb. or two; so tomorrow morning I will hit the treadmill and start on my regular program. HEY!  I think this is what normal people do!! And what I should have been doing for so many years… go on vacation, or to special events, you indulge, then you cut back and work out to get those few lbs off…..WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!


I’ll be back next Sunday and promise to add my weight status…..hope there have been clear blue skies in your week…..


A hui hou!

Queen of Crop

8 Responses
  • Amanda Clark
    May 1, 2012

    Queen of Crop… Your are an inspiration to me (and many, as I have seen from comments to your posts and also on other websites about VSG.
    I have been quietly following your blog now for a while, I found you through one of the forums giving some sound advice to someone that was struggling. I am a month or so in front of you, I had my sleeve gastrectomy done in Munich, DE on the 4th August last year, since I have lost 125lbs…it is getting harder now…
    I have never had support due to my lack of ability to speak the German language and that unfortunately many of the people I delt with do not have material in english or for that matter speak English well enough to be able to answer my questions…hence support has come from my dear husband and reading forums, blogs and what knowledge I have as a nurse. my journey so far has been quite hard but actually very good. I am pleased with myself, especially for deciding to go ahead with the operation….I needed help I had a BMI of 60!
    I sincerely send you the best wishes for a great week and look forward to reading your next blog – keep it up, you are doing great.

    • queenofcrop
      May 2, 2012

      Aloha Amanda! Many mahalos for your kind words and for introducing yourself! I chose NOT to tell many people, so although I don’t have a language barrier, my support has come from my husband and the forum which has been incredible. I have zero background in health so I have been learning so much. This is absolutely a sharing ground and it means a lot to me that you feel I have provided some inspiration, but I have received so much more. Please stay in touch and reach around and pat yourself on the back for how far you have come!!! I am moving back to Europe in the fall, so who knows, perhaps we should have a get together with the people who have been sleeved in Europe! I love this idea!

  • swizzly
    May 1, 2012

    You look great — and so teeny-tiny in your white trousers!!! You have done a wonderful job. 🙂

    • queenofcrop
      May 2, 2012

      Wow; not sure I’ve been called teeny-tiny before, but I like it! And here’s an update….I LOST A POUND!!! I’m actually shocked.

  • Joni
    May 2, 2012

    What? You mean after indulging you aren’t just gonna saw screw it and continue on high fat/high calorie foods? I never heard of such a thing!! That’s not how I have operated for years and years. Oh yeah, I just had a sleeve on 4/23 – life is gonna be different now! I’m gonna quit being a slug and throw those old ideas and feelings OUT. Mahalo!

    • queenofcrop
      May 2, 2012

      Hard to believe isn’t it? That sure was my MO for a long, long time…..I’m kinda liking this way better….and shock of all shocks….I lost a lb! But I’m still hitting the gym……!Thanks for your comment Joni!

  • swizzly
    May 6, 2012

    Just posting again in response to Amanda’s first comment above. I also got sleeved in Europe (Switzerland), where I’ve lived for many years…and still don’t speak proper German. It sucks. I am lucky in that the Swiss speak English very well…but not very graciously sometimes (can’t blame them!). I love Munich, I hope you’re enjoying it there. If you’re ever near NW Switzerland, give a shout. We should def have a EU sleevers meet-up at some point! We’ve two others in Vienna that I know of… Cheers!

    • queenofcrop
      May 8, 2012

      Aloha! Thanks for your post….and you’re right; we do need to do a EU sleeve meet-up! We’ll be back in Amsterdam by October so let’s think about this….BTW, what part of Switzerland do you live? We are there often as our closest family is in Baden. And I admire you for living in Switzerland….I love the country and the people, but they aren’t the most forgiving when it comes to speaking German or Swiss German! Thanks swizzly for being such a wonderful support.

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