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Week 29 – Hilo, Hawaii – 151 lbs – May 6, 2012

Makana – a wonderful Hawaiian musician

Mahalo nui to those who read my posts and appreciate my travel and Hawaii stories….so for those of you who love Hawaii, I just want you to know we saw an amazing concert last night. The performer is a Hawaiian musician named MAKANA who has a sweet, enchanting voice and is a master slack-key guitarist. If you are interested, check out his site (link above) including one of his songs that was used in the movie THE DESCENDANTS and his very popular mainstream Occupy Song which has a very 60’s folk song tone to it.


So, I promised to update you on my weight loss this Sunday, and amazingly, I didn’t gain any weight on our trip to San Francisco last week and I’m back on track with a 2 lb weight loss, putting me within 10 lbs of being a normal weight, which is the top of the range for my height according to the CDC Chart (click on that link if you want to see what your personal goals are).

At 151 lbs (and a total loss of 72 lb) I’m feeling great, healthy, and almost thin! Being 58 I don’t think I will ever have a flat stomach, perky boobs, firm upper arms, etc, etc. But I’ll keep on working on firming things up and my weight loss and evaluate it along the way. My goal right now is to tone up some of what I have, so exercise is my high priority. (Who would have thought I would EVER say that???).


What’s great about exercising these days is that I’m pushing myself, something I have never done before. I’m now doing 45 minutes on the treadmill and running 7-12 minutes of that, and I’ll say to myself, “I can do two more minutes, or one more level, or one speed higher…” where in the past, I would stop at the first sign of exhaustion. Now, if I don’t exercise, I don’t feel right.

My goal is to exercise like my husband and our hanai daughter both do: not to lose weight but to be able to eat more!!!!


So, did I mention I got hit on at the wedding??? One of the best NSV’s around!!! It was actually fun; came as a surprise but the flirtation from the guy was quite suggestive and even though it could have happened because the champagne was flowing, I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it! I told my husband and we both had a good laugh about it. So on top of feeling good, it’s nice to know that someone is attracted to me in that way.


No, sadly this is NOT me modeling these cute panties! But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy a pair….NOW!

An interesting snowball effect happens when you start losing weight and rediscovering your body again. You start realizing your underwear and bras are really ugly and matronly and you start buying sexy lingerie again. You start taking better care of your clothes because you like your clothes more now than you did before. You shave your legs and take more care about putting lotion on your body. I’ve shaved ‘down there’ before but now it’s a lot easier and I dare say a bikini wax may be in my future! And let’s face it… is a LOT more fun than it used to be. I’m stronger, more flexible and more interested and my sexy husband is very supportive of all that!

One last item for this week….there have been some fascinating conversations happening on the forum the past few days. What an amazing resource this venue has been for so many of us. I have loved reading the postings by those who have just been sleeved and are in their first week or two. Reading their stories takes me right back to my first month. Thinking back on those first days now seems so surreal to me; it was such a leap of faith and I really didn’t know what to expect because I went from initial research to surgery in less than a month. And I did it in a foreign country and it was during a very low point for me in my own self-worth. But it is sweet to hear the excitement and hope in their words and I do remember feeling so good about finally, finally doing something for this problem that affected so much of my life. Little did I know it would be life-changing.

The second item I’ll leave for next week, but it’s the ever-interesting debate on SHOULD WE TELL, OR NOT… until then…..


A Hui Hou!

Queen of Crop

2 Responses
  • HopingforanewCindy
    May 7, 2012

    Queen of Crop – First I must say you look absolutely WONDERFUL!!! From the sounds of your posts you are feeling just the same. I found your blog a few weeks ago after seeing your post on a forum that led me here and I am so very thankful to you for doing this post every week!!! I have now read all of your posts and followed your journey after having the sleeve. You are such an inspiration and I admire the courage you have to not only go through this process but to share your story with others. Your story has helped me tremendously as I am in the final stage before weightloss surgery and have been really nervous and trying to decide if I want to go through with it. At first I thought about the lap band but I know there are too many complications and I just know my body would not like a foreign body inside of it. Then I was leaning toward gastric bypass and have thought of all kinds of things that could happen down the road along with doing allot of research about it and decided that probably is not the best route to take. Then I started learning about the sleeve and thought this may be the match for me, it would allow me to take medications if I had to in the future and like you have been doing one day I would like to travel and be able to enjoy at least one bite of the local cuisines. Not to mention there are less complications from what I have heard with the sleeve and no chance of intestines and bowels twisting, hernias etc. I must say I am very very nervous because there is not alot of long term research and I hope there are no long term complications or as silly as this may sound I thought about how does the stomach heal when there is such a huge staple line and any chance that it may open (I know silly but all these things are going through my mind). I guess I should have said this at the beginning but I have battled with my weight ALL my life and literally started dieting when I was in fourth grade. About ten years ago I gained back 100 plus pounds I had lost and kept off for about ten years because a thyroid issue went undetected, then it rolled into diabetes and my weight ballooning back up. So here I am 40 and 5’1″ and 214lbs so I feel I have no other option and I do not want to live my life like this any longer. I just hope I am making the right decision in trying to take my life back so I can stop living as a hermit and start enjoying life. I would be very interested in hearing about where you got the new supplement for hair loss as I have allot of it right now with hypothyroidism? You are a true inspirtation and maybe one day we will meet in our travels:) I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and that will be my next stop, actually I have wanted to live there for many years. I would like to take my mother as she has always wanted to go and she was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so I want to fulfill that dream of hers. It is absolutely breathtaking there!!! Sorry my post is so long I just wanted you to know how much your posts are helping me in my journey before surgery and I thank you so much!I wish you the best in the rest of your journey!!!

    • queenofcrop
      May 8, 2012

      Aloha Cindy: Thank you for reading my blog; as I said in the ABOUT ME page, the reason I went forward with this decision (one of the many reasons) was reading someone else’s blog so inspiring others to embark on a new life means so much to me! Our weight and height is similar (I am 5’3″ and was 223 at my highest but had surgery at 204 lbs. Now at 151 lbs life is so much better and yours will be too!!! Same as you, I was a fat baby, fat kid, fat cheerleader in high school and a fat bride twice… I’m a 58 year old thin, healthy woman who has never felt better! Dreams really do come true and I have no doubt you will do fine on the surgery part (and I highly agree the VS is the best option unless you are severely overweight), and that you and your mom will make it to Hawaii in the not too distant future. Do stay in touch and if we’re here when you make it to the islands, please let me know. (We’re getting ready to move to Amsterdam but we will come back here from time to time). Good luck and thanks again for your post. QC

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