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Week 3 of 52 – Frankfurt and Amsterdam – Nov 9, 2011 – 189 lbs

The sights and smells can be overwhelming when you leave the hospital.









OK, so getting out of the hospital after weight loss surgery is a little like a drug addict leaving rehab. In the hospital you are very focused on the healing process; you are allowed to have very little liquids or foods, but you’re not tempted either because nothing is around. It’s very sanitized and I felt very much in control and thought I was going to breeze right through the next few weeks.

Once we left the hospital, we walked back to our little apartment and all of a sudden the real world hit me. Food everywhere, bakeries, people on the sidewalk eating and drinking, the colors, sights, smells were all magnified because this had not been part of my life for the last week.

It got worse as we got to the train station; every fast food chain in every direction, plus kiosk after kiosk of wonderful-looking food. I hadn’t really eaten in almost 10 days and it was overwhelming.

As we waited for our train, a young (thin of course) woman and her son came and put their hamburgers and french fries on the two seats next to me and then stood in front of the seats and ate as their fries were within inches of my hands. My husband was on the other side eating his lunch, and I stared straight ahead—into a Burger King ad!

So welcome to my first post-surgery pity party. I got a bit weepy (I don’t even like fast food!) but I wasn’t prepared for this and the reality that my world had changed hit me. Something to think about when you are ‘released’ and on your way home. Be sure to have some drinkable yogurt or something with you for the trip.

I reminded myself it was all a tradeoff and I am already a healthier person after one week. I went into the hospital at 203 lbs, I left at 194 lbs (and now I’m down to 189). I had a little talk with myself and the train ride back to Amsterdam was just fine.

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  • Carla
    July 23, 2012

    LOL! I have to laugh reading this because I can totally, 100% relate! I did so much research on the actual surgery, but nothing really on life after surgery. It’s a huge shock to have food everywhere and not be able to partake in my one luxury. Does it get easier? Guess I’ll keep reading to find out. 😉

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