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Week 36 – Seattle, Victoria, Canada and San Francisco – 146 lbs – June 24, 2012

‘The Girls’ at beautiful Butchart Gardens

What a week this has been! I finished up another wonderful ‘Girl’s Trip’ by going to Victoria, on Vancouver Island in Canada. We visited the famous Butchart Gardens and we were just blown away by the beauty of this place…..a must see if you are in the area.




One fun moment was when I fit into my friend Kate’s size 6 jeans!!!!!! OMG, I about fell on the floor in shock! Now the honest truth is that I really had to suck it in to get them zipped but it was still a moment that I never thought would happen in my lifetime!!!


MY WORST EATING DAY SINCE SURGERY HAPPENED HERE: We had a little breakfast on the ferry over from Seattle, the usual suspects: CARBS…..muffins, cereal and thankfully they had yogurt. I had the yogurt and a little cereal and of course my beloved coffee…..Protein count: 7. Pretty pathetic. At the gardens we had coffee and a cookie……my eating day was going downhill…. By the time we got back to Victoria and checked into the hotel, we were all really hungry. But there was shopping to do before the stores closed so we waited.

We went to a popular pub – good choice when you want healthy food…..(sure). The four of us then went brain dead and ordered: margaritas, onion rings, French fries, a hamburger, corn dogs, and battered fried fish!!!! Can you believe this?????? No, we didn’t know what we were thinking……and even though I only ate a couple of bites of each thing, needless to say I dirtied the pristine avenues of the city of Victoria with my barf. No other way to say it……I chucked it all up! And boy was I happy I did… friends on the other hand just proceeded to beat themselves up for eating such crappy stuff. We had been fairly good up to that point……just goes to show you; keep protein bars with you at all times and DON’T let yourself get that hungry. Oh, and staying away from pubs is probably a good idea too……

Fun to meet a person from the VST !

FUN HOOK UP! I met a fellow Vertical Sleeve Talk member!!! Kellie and I started corresponding a few months ago when she was in Germany…..turns out she was in Seattle and saw on my blog that I would be in town. We met at Ancient Grounds (my favorite coffee shop downtown Seattle) and had a wonderful visit! She is still debating on whether the surgery is right for her; so it was great to be able to meet in person and talk.


Photo taken from my room this morning!

I left Seattle for a whirlwind weekend in San Francisco…..I’ve had a busy time here since I arrived seeing old friends and new… one friend gave me two of her Size 8 pants that she doesn’t wear anymore……a meaningful moment for me, not because of the size but because I think it was the first time any one had ever given me clothes……and I have given away bags, and bags, and bags, in my life time. It felt good.


I’m off to see my (teeny-well-dressed) sister in Stockton for the coming week; here I know I will make better choices. I think I got lucky that I lost another lb this week because my exercise has been sporadic and my eating abysmal.


So for week 36, I’ll sign off for now.



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  • stacey
    June 24, 2012

    You look amazing lady!!!!! 🙂

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