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Week 37 – Stockton, California – 145 lbs – July 1, 2012

I took this photo with my little camera!

Even though Stockton has been in the news lately because the city just announced bankruptcy and they have a crime problem, you would never believe it if you were at my sister’s house. She lives in one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods I have ever seen; tree and flower-lined streets, classy houses that remind you of the old part of Beverly Hills, and there are amazing views. Brookside, the area where she lives, put on an incredible fireworks show the night I arrived….nice welcome! Her house is a dream house complete with a beautiful pool and patio overlooking a golf course – I’ve had a very relaxing week here, especially after last week which was so busy! I’ve had a some good long walks around the neighborhood listening to my music and admiring all the architecture and gardens. Very different from Hawaii and a world away from Amsterdam!

One of the many goodies my sister made or had at her house this week!!!

My sister’s house (like my mom’s house when she was alive) has always been filled with fattening food, so cookies, candy, chips, and unwise choices are everywhere…..but I’ve managed to have some of those things along with good choices too, and even lost one more lb. this week! But I seem to have settled into a 900-1200 calorie day no matter where I am and as long as I keep exercising and trying to get my protein in, I think I’ll be OK. I have to admit though, when I read other people’s posts on the forum who are so strict about what they eat, I feel like I’m not doing the right thing by eating a sweet or two every day. But I feel healthy, my blood work is good and in general, I eat well. Just don’t ask me to give up my afternoon coffee and goodie!


At the 4th of July party, one of my sister’s friends said “wow, I can sure tell you’re Linda’s sister!” Now today, it happened again…. this never happened in the previous 58 years of my life……no one ever thought we were even related in the past and on occasion, people thought I was older (she’s 6 years older than me, beautiful and very petite). So that was nice to hear and makes me feel even closer to her! I can see myself that indeed we do finally look related and she even mentioned that she can see our mom in me now. WOW.WOW.WOW.

My brother and I have been the ones in the family with the weight problems….we have a different father than the others… yes, part of our problem is genetic.

So yesterday was our big family reunion….. my sister knows I had the surgery last year but I hadn’t told my brother until the night before the reunion. I hadn’t seen him since last year and didn’t want to tell him. Why? A few years ago his 275 lb wife had Gastric Bypass surgery, had lots of complications, but then lost over 100 lbs and then left him! Since it was a really bad experience for him, I thought it would be best to keep it to myself. But as you can see from the photo, he’s pretty heavy too. We both inherited our weight issues from our dad’s side of the family; my sister had a different father and took after our 103 lb mom. I’m not sure why I decided to tell him; I just knew I couldn’t lie to him since we have both been fighting the same fight all our life. I love my brother and it hurts me to see his struggle with his weight that I know only too well. He confided in me that he’s baffled that he can’t seem to lose any weight when he’s eating so much less and moving so much more than he had been. I believe him because I know that story!


I just flew to Honolulu this morning and am waiting to see my husband tonight when he flies over from Hilo. The past two weeks I have spent time with my 3 dearest friends, saw an important ex-boyfriend (who broke my heart and now 40 years later apologized), I also had lunch with my ex-husband and seeing all of my family was interesting as we haven’t always been that close. It’s been an emotionally charged two weeks! But I am more excited about seeing my husband than anything else. We were talking the other night about how we missed each other and he reminded me that we had developed an incredible bond this past year (after all, we were joined at the hip for 13 months when we were traveling, then last fall we started having some deep conversations and then came my – really OUR – journey on my weight loss). He’s absolutely right; we are as close as we have ever been and I feel like the luckiest person in the world….who would have thought my 58th year would be one of the best years of my life!


To my forum friends Cindy and Cat1; please hang in there. Your complications sound really tough but you also sound like very strong women…….thanks for keeping everyone posted so we can all learn from you……you are in my thoughts….




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