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Week 17 of 52 – Stockton, CA – Feb 12, 2012 – 163 lbs (I think)

Living room of my sister’s house

I’ve been at my sister’s absolutely GORGEOUS house this past week in Brookside; an area of Stockton that is an island all its own.  Fabulous houses; golf courses and her house has to be one of the nicest.  She has such great taste and an amazing flair for decorating.  I’ve always been interested in that as well (and  in fact used to re-do condos and homes for people) but her ability is way above mine.  So interesting because we grew up in a very humble, lower middle-class environment with a mother whose talents did not run in that direction, so I have no idea where we got it from!


My sister and me – Thanksgiving 2010

My sister (6 years older) has always been petite, very pretty, and has a love of fashion.  She always looks amazing and appropriate for every situation.  She also buys expensive clothes, but she can mix them with other things and pulls it all off.  ME?  I don’t know who the designer names are since they never fit me anyway!  So I’ve always gone the cheap route for clothes and as I got heavier, I could pull NOTHING off.  Everything looked dreadful on me.  Because I had a lot of self-confidence and managed to be happy in spite of my weight, I was never jealous of her, her looks or her clothes.  I was always proud that my sister always looked so great!  There was a time or two I was mistaken for the older sister and that hurt; but I didn’t dwell on it. But you would think having a size 7 sister would have motivated me to lose weight; I would have been the best-dressed woman with just her hand-me-downs!

My sister and me Feb 2012

Shopping with my sister was depressing.  Everything she tried on looked great; everything I tried on didn’t fit.  BUT!!!  We went shopping this week and guess what?  Things fit me and I was thrilled when I got the thumbs up from her!  In fact, I tried on a very cute strapless dress (something I never would have done in years passed).  I looked in the mirror and thought; ‘hey, this looks good!”  I need a dress for a wedding we’re going to in Honolulu in a few weeks, but thought maybe I was delusional…..I am almost 60 and 160+ lbs; could I pull this off?  I showed it to her and she completely agreed….this worked!  And I completely trust her judgement.  (I’ll post a photo when I go to the wedding). This was definitely a first in our life!  FUN!!!


So that’s the good news.  As for my weight….I sent my scale back with my husband (who I will join tomorrow) but I have eaten very little this week so I am sure I am down AT LEAST one lb.


The bad news is that I don’t feel all that great.  We went to the health food store the other day; the owner is really knowledgeable.  I bought some B12 (I got a shot in Germany that was supposed to last 3 months), some non-constipating Iron, and some Vitamin D.  I took them all, and the next day I started experiencing Vertigo.  I have no idea if it was related to the supplements, but I stopped as the Vertigo got worse and yesterday I was in bed all day. Has anyone else experienced this?


So that’s my story this week.  I fly up to Seattle tomorrow and we will be in one place for 16 days!!!!  I’m so excited.  I had a few protein drinks this week, but even though they were good, I just couldn’t drink a whole one.  My sister has such great food in her house, but very little is all that appealing.  We are having friends over for dinner tonight; so once again I hope no one notices that I eat so little.  In fact, my brother-in-law says I’ve become a ‘dainty eater’ and I like it!


Hope everyone has a great week.  So hard to believe it’s Sunday already……to those who have sent me emails or posts; thank you!!!  I am so sorry I am so behind in responding; I so appreciate it.


A hui hou,

Queen of Crop

4 Responses
  • Joni
    February 13, 2012

    Hi – University of Michigan just notified my husband (1 yr. postop in March)that they have found a lot of patients with gastric sleeve have B12 deficiencies, and they now require all sleeve patients to take sublingual (not sure why that method) B12. That might be the cause of your low energy… Just thinking. As for me, tomorrow I’ll go for one of the two required preop support group meetings. Next Monday, 2/20, I’ll go for my 6th and final required preop clinic visit. After that, they’ll be able to submit everything to insurance for approval, and I can be scheduled for the sleeve – yipppeee. I hope I lose as you did in 4 months’ time! You’re doing fantastic.

    • queenofcrop
      February 14, 2012

      Wow, thanks for the information! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and am going to discuss this. I did buy the sublingual B12 but I swallowed it instead of putting it under my tongue. Then I started getting vertigo; probably has nothing to do with one another but I stopped taking it. I wonder if I can just get another 3 month shot.

      Good luck Joni on your final pre-op visit…..a new life is just a short few months away!

  • Joni
    February 15, 2012

    yes, shots are just as good, especially if you think you might be having a reaction. They said the shot could be once a month, but if your doc has a 3-month option that’s even better! I’m getting so excited. I am sooo dreading the preop 2-week liquid diet but can’t wait for life to change. I bet I won’t be such a computer and couch potato afterward!! There were several postop people in the group meeting. One woman was 14 months postop and had lost 160 pounds, another guy 1 year postop and over 100 lbs lighter. Just incredible. At 211 right now, I’d be very happy with loss of 70 lbs. I can remember weighing 150 and feeling great. I was in the 140s in my 20s, and at 5’4″ that seems too thin for me at this time in my life. I am very concerned about looking drawn, old, and wrinkly. and like you, i am scared about hair loss too. my hair is fine and thin now. keep your progress coming, i always look forward to it.

    • queenofcrop
      February 15, 2012

      HI Joni! Thanks for the post! At 162 lbs I feel great….sounds weird, because most people would think that is so heavy, but I don’t feel fat anymore……I could stop right here and be fine! So sorry about the 2 week pre-op. I am so happy I only had 2-3 days. But the time goes by very fast and soon you will be right here with the rest of us!

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